Due to COVID-19, Respark Foundation is offering all services remotely via teleconferencing platforms.
Respark Foundation


The Respark Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing trauma-informed care to those that have encountered sexual harm, abuse, or assault as well as their loved ones and the community as a whole. We also offer training and education services from an informed and positive perspective. Our mission is provide all-inclusive, holistic and informed care to survivors of sexual harm through treating the body, mind and spirit. The Respark Foundation helps those that have experienced sexual abuse, rape, unwanted sexual advances and trauma find ways to recover all aspects of their life.

Many individuals go through a process after experiencing trauma where they work through levels of help and support. It's important to understand that while many may skip to the final step for various reasons, many survivors see the effects of trauma and sexual harm for years. Even if someone initially thought what happened was unimportant or trivial, they may come to recognize that it had an impact on their individual self, their relationships, and other aspects of life.

That process often looks like

  1. The trauma occurs
  2. Establishing safety through shelter, support, advocacy, and community.
  3. Initial processing of the trauma, identifying aspects that need to be addressed, incorporating what happened into their overall sense of self.
  4. Deeper and integrative processing of the traumatic experience and its aftermath. This is where Respark Foundation comes in and you're able to move into reintegration of your skills, improving your relationships, regaining power, and reclaiming a sense of self.

There is an identified lack of trauma treatment resources available to survivors of sexual harm, especially at a sliding fee to make it accessible. Therapists that treat sexual trauma or abuse often do not have adequate training in sexual health. We fill that need for survivors of sexual trauma, dating trauma, and sexual exploitation. The Respark Foundation offers the perfect intersection of trauma-informed sex therapy and sex-positive trauma therapy. Our therapists are trained in how to treat trauma as well as sexual health and intimacy issues and are able to do so at a cost that is affordable to those who are in need. In order to completely address the impact of trauma on the whole person, adult survivors of sexual harm need providers well-versed in a variety of interventions so that their skills, day-to-day functioning, identity, and relationships may recover. We envision a world where all people are free from sexual harm.

What is sexual harm?

  • Unwanted sexual tension or pressure,
  • Any form of nonconsensual sexual interaction,
  • Unwanted sexual advances,
  • Being shamed by others for sexual expression,
  • Sexual trauma,
  • Sexual abuse,
  • Dating trauma,
  • Sexual exploitation,
  • Rape,
  • Sexual assault,
  • Sexual harrassment,
  • Sex trafficking,
  • Revenge porn

We welcome clients from all sexualities, genders, races, and relationship structures.